I met a very interesting person recently after one of my golf lessons. He was on the green, practicing with a very unique putter.

His name is Peter Mansfield, originally from London, England, who came to the United States 24 years ago to work on his golf game.

He worked with the legendary Bob Toski, but he wasn’t able to make it as a professional golfer.

Mansfield’s academic background was engineering, and he decided that he needed to pursue that vocation. However, his love and passion for golf continued.

Mansfield always had trouble with putting. He had read Dave Pelz’s “Short Game Bible” and realized that slow, bumpy greens needed a putter with more loft. He also read that Bobby Jones’s putter, Calamity Jane, had a loft of 8 degrees.

He started experimenting with how he could change loft on a putter without an expensive machine.

It took two years to come up with his design and another five years to go through the patent process.

Once the patent was approved, another year and a half was spent manufacturing the product.

Mansfield’s RAS Golf M1 Tour putter is now available, and he has come to Hilton Head to introduce it to the golfing public.

It can be found only at green grass facilities, because you need to putt on real greens and not the synthetic greens found indoors at golf shops.

You can give it a try at Sea Pines, Callawassie and Dolphin Head.

The M1 Tour putter comes with five actual lofts. It is toe-heel weighted and comes in several lengths.

There is a simple tool included that is used to change the loft depending on what type of greens are being played.

For slow Bermuda greens, you will want more loft on your putter.

If you are playing fast, bent grass greens, you will need to lower the loft.

With the M1 putter, golfers will be able to adjust their putters just like they do with the new drivers that can be adjusted for loft.

For more information on the putter, visit www. playrasgolf. com.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at Brown Golf Management courses. jean.golfdoctor. harris@gmail.com; www.golfdoctorjean.com