Healthy, glowing skin results from a healthy body inside and out. A person’s skin is the mirror of their health.

Everything we consume into our bodies and all of the environmental factors we encounter on a daily basis filter through our blood.

When the kidneys and liver are overloaded with toxins, the waste ends up being pushed out of the skin. The result is inflammation ranging anywhere to dull, acneic, oily, lackluster, dry, itching skin.

In order to achieve a healthy, dewy, youthful appearance, we must heal and detoxify our bodies for collagen and new cells to grow.

What better way to heal the body than with pure, raw, unrefined, organic, whole plants from Mother Nature?

After all, we as humans in this day are picky about what foods we eat, so why shouldn’t we be with our skin care products?

Food is medicine. Plants are medicine. They both nourish our bodies inside and out in order to preserve our optimal health.

Whole plants are easily recognized by the skin and fully utilized because they are more familiar to skin cells. They are able to address the underlying cause of inflammation in order to fully heal.

Real, unprocessed plants stimulate lymph movement and contain hyaluronic acid, stem cells, Vitamins A-K, humectants, acids, proteins, antioxidants, lipids, CoQ10, omegas, probiotics, and beta carotene.

When a skin care product consists of only organic whole plants, the skin’s acid mantle (the protective layer on the skin’s surface) is not compromised because the products are naturally pH balanced.

Organic whole plants means no approved or undisclosed chemicals or solvents are in the plants.

This also means when you purchase a skin care product that is labeled organic and whole plant, there are no synthetics, fillers, parabens, chemicals, and endocrine disruptors going into your skin and polluting your bloodstream.

Always read the ingredient labels when buying cosmetics.

Rule of thumb: If you can’t pronounce it and you can’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin.

In reality, chemical and synthetic skin care products contain cheaper, less effective vitamins and plants than organic whole plants.

These products contain fillers, endocrine disruptors, parabens, carcinogens, GMOS and forceful ingredients.

It’s only a matter of time that the skin can handle so much harsh treatment before it begins to accelerate the aging process.

Plants are the strongest anti-aging tools we have. Allow the hands of Mother Nature to restore and maintain your natural beauty.

Alyssa J. Herczegh is owner and esthetician of Alyssa J. Natural Skin Care, located within the Just Be Centre in Bluffton Village.