Short of a total renovation, which is not always possible or feasible, there are a few ways to make a small kitchen look and live larger.

Go white. White continues to be the most popular color in kitchen and bath design. White can be used for virtually any design: traditional, modern, transitional, sophisticated, whimsical, classic or retro.

White Italian marble has been the stone of choice for thousands of years. Today, new quartz products offer the look of marble with easy maintenance and affordability.

White stone comes in a huge variety of colors (really!), textures and finishes. Find a stone supplier who can show you the almost limitless choices.

Use white on the walls to create a spacious and airy feel. White walls seem to fall away, helping to disguise or ignore the natural boundaries within the space.

White high-gloss paint makes cleaning a breeze.

Keep it monotone. Choosing a countertop color that contrasts with the cabinet or wall color can makes things look choppy. Stick to a monochrome look with neutral light walls.

Choose colors that feature slight variations, like beige and ivory. A monochromatic look helps unify all the elements and create an open, airy feel.

Punch it up. White kitchens are the perfect backdrop for punches of color or a mix of styles to add personality and energy. A splash of color can showcase an architectural feature.

Colorful accessories, art and furnishings add interest to your decor.

Install glass. Wood cabinets are beautiful but they take up a lot of visual space. Consider replacing your wood cabinet doors with glass ones.

Glass doors allow our eyes to see right through to the back and tricks our brain into thinking the room is larger than it is.

Shine the light. Maximize the light that shines into the kitchen by minimizing or even eliminating window treatments. Make sure the overhead and counter lighting brightens the room.

Choose shiny appliances, countertops and fixtures that will reflect the light and make the kitchen look larger.

Andrea Antunes McGilton is project manager at Distinctive Granite and Marble, with showrooms in Okatie; Lady’s Island; Pooler, Ga., and on Hilton Head Island.