Watching the RBC Heritage from hole No 10 offers a close vantage point to watch golfers, and is an easy walk to the clubhouse.

People who don’t play golf think that watching the game on TV for hours is boring. They don’t think there is enough excitement, especially if they don’t have a favorite golfer playing. “Avid” golfers find watching the pros on TV exciting and informative.

A great opportunity comes to your screen April 7-10, when the Masters is played at Augusta National.

Watching golf on TV enables you to see pros’ swings in slow motion. You get to watch the players’ pre-shot routines, hear conversations with their caddies, and pick up tips for your own game.

However, don’t listen to the commentators talking about what clubs the players are using for their shots, because you will never hit the ball as far as the pros do or put the back spin on shots to the green.

Remember that the pros practice golf at least eight hours a day. They also have caddies helping them with club selection and reading their putts on the green.

If you’re inclined to watch a golf tournament in person, you might want to get your tickets soon for the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, to be played at Harbour Town Golf Club April 11-17.

Look at the starting times for when your favorite player is teeing off. You can try to follow that person, but you won’t get a good view of them on the greens, especially if you are short in height (which is my problem).

Another strategy is to secure a place on the fairway of a particular hole and watch all the players play their shots either off the tee or shots into the green.

You can also secure a spot greenside and be able to watch shots into the green as well as their chips, bunker shots and putts.

Many spectators will bring a chair and place it at a strategic spot and leave it there all day.

Watching the players practice on the driving range and practice greens is a great way to see their routines and teaching aids.

Wear comfortable shoes, either golf shoes or comfortable walking sneakers. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a lightweight jacket if the weather indicates such.

Most tournaments now make you have a clear see-through bag or knapsack, and a certain size. Visit the website and see what you are allowed to bring into the tournament.

Angela McSwain, marketing and communications director for the Heritage Classic Foundation, has some suggestions on where you might want to go to see the players. She suggests arriving early for bleacher seating.

• The bleachers on No. 18 green give you a close-up seat and a beautiful view.

• The bleachers on No. 13 are a great place to spend some time. It is off the beaten path, but not crazy busy and you have access to a concession stand.

• Hole No. 5 offers lots of great food and drinks on that hole.

• Hole No. 10 is an easy walk from the clubhouse and allows spectators to get close to the green.

Take advantage of seeing the best in the world play golf in Hilton Head. Visit for information on tickets.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at Pinecrest Golf Club.;