I recently went to my 25th college reunion and it was a total blast!

However, in terms of wardrobe preparation and travel planning, I can’t give myself high marks. Gladly, what mattered most was that I enjoyed myself.

Yet, the excursion got me thinking about dressing for an important occasion while traveling with both ease and style.

Thankfully, I drove to my reunion, because I never would have made it flying. I packed two suitcases, five small bags, plus hanging clothes. “You’re only going for three days?” queried my husband.

Although for weeks I’d been thinking about what I’d wear, I still didn’t allow enough time to pack efficiently. Thus, I took everything I “thought” I needed, so I’d have options.

Yet, these “options” stressed me out. So, my first bit of advice is: Don’t procrastinate! Plan and pack ahead. You’ll probably be more relaxed and enjoy yourself more.

Secondly, tied to preparation, is that what you wear really does matter. You might wonder, “What about the virtue, ‘do not worry about what you’ll wear.'”

Yes, this is an important admonition, but I believe worrying is different than being thoughtful and appropriate about your appearance. Worry stems from fear – fear of what others might think, which is quite tempting.

Instead, your attire should stem from both a love of yourself, and of others.

For any special occasion, when you want to both look and feel your best, dress yourself not to impress, but to be apropos so that you can make the most of quality time with special people.

By planning and adorning yourself fittingly, you’ll appreciate those around you, and your celebration, much more.

Third, here are some final how-to’s on dressing well while traveling. Begin by being smart and doubling up. For example, wear the same skinny jeans with alternating tops, such as a tunic and jean jacket, or a kimono and tank.

Next, pack the proverbial “little black dress” – or a mod navy one, which several classmates did at my reunion, looking classy and crisp. Be extra resourceful by choosing a lightweight polyester or spandex fabric, soft and wrinkle-free.

Last, wear comfy shoes – which I regrettably did not do at my reunion. Travel & Leisure magazine reported that the affordable Superga Cotu Sneaker, a preferred casual shoe for royal jetsetter Kate Middleton, is a trendy, goes-with-anything look.

Or, for more flair, the most recent line of Toms swanky sandals, a collaboration with L.A. stylist Clare V., are perfect for ease and travel.

Bon voyage – tres chic, y’all!

Jessica Maples is the marketing and communications manager for Spartina 449.