We have all experienced change over the last eight-plus weeks. Our emotions have taken a rollercoaster ride and some of us don’t particularly care for that kind of thrill.

Using pure essential oils can be a personal tool in this journey of caring for ourselves, physically and emotionally.

What are essential oils? They are extractions from all parts of plants: leaves, flowers, roots, bark, resin and fruit. Some call them “plant juices.” Where and how they are sourced has everything to do with their efficacy and safety. Look for those that are 100% natural and pure.

While each essential oil has its own unique chemical makeup, some are uplifting or calming, which makes them useful for managing emotions. When you lack motivation or inspiration, you can use essential oils with an uplifting chemical profile. When you feel frazzled or overwhelmed, you can use calming oils to help promote grounding and renewed emotions.

Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically, or internally, but aromatic application works best for managing mood. You can inhale the aroma straight from the bottle, drip the oil on your hands and inhale, or diffuse the oil in a diffuser.

When an aroma is inhaled, it travels by way of the olfactory nerve to the limbic system, a part of the brain where our emotions and memories are stored. The chemistry of essential oils determines the typical effect that the oils have. Citrus oils can be uplifting, mint oils can be energizing, herb oils can be renewing, spice oils can be exciting, tree oils can be comforting, and floral oils can be calming.

This connection to the limbic system also causes an emotional response based on any memories that are associated with that smell.

Oils can be mixed together with water in a diffuser to create a blend of aromas. Blending uplifting citrus oils such as wild orange or tangerine with an energizing oil such as peppermint or spearmint, can give an invigorating response. Or combine a citrus with a tree oil, such as frankincense or cypress for a more grounded, calming response. It’s fun to experiment and find the combinations that appeal to your individual needs and preferences.

In these challenging times, consider the positive effects that essential oils can have on your mood and emotions. We each need a little more calm and uplift in our lives. What better way to achieve this than to inhale these natural “gifts of the earth”? And did I mention, they have huge therapeutic effects as well?

Tearsa Winn is a wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils, educating others in the effective and safe use of pure and natural essential oils for health and wellness.