Mama June and her seven pups found a safe and welcoming environment at Palmetto Animal League.

This animal rescue story starts in a despairing and lonely place. Imagine being homeless, pregnant and alone, unable to protect yourself and never knowing when your next meal will come.

Mama June had been wandering around a construction site in Jasper County for weeks, hoping each day that the humans she encountered would mean her no harm. Doing her best to stay alive, battle the elements, and find food, she must have been under unimaginable stress.

Luckily, this dismal existence was just the beginning of June’s story.

“One day the crew at the construction site noticed that her round tummy had disappeared,” said PAL Adoption Coordinator Sally Dawkins. “When the authorities arrived, the crew let them know there were puppies as well.”

Mama June and her seven puppies were first taken to a shelter that wasn’t prepared for so many newborns. Then, on June 11 (hence the name Mama June) this sweet, scared, exhausted mother dog came to Palmetto Animal League in search of the peace and tranquility that had eluded her for so long. 

Both mother and babies quickly adjusted to life at PAL, but soon June and her devoted caretakers at our adoption center faced a new hurdle.

“Our staff found that Mama June was struggling to feed her 10-day-old puppies,” said Dawkins. “So, we had to come up with a plan to make sure the pups would get enough nourishment.

PAL staff reached out to some of our most dedicated fosters and volunteers to assemble an around-the-clock team devoted to bottle feeding Mama June’s puppies.

“The response we received was heartwarming,” said Dawkins. “It was humbling to watch this team of volunteers jump into action without hesitation to bottle feed seven helpless puppies every three to four hours.” 

The words “despairing” and “lonely” no longer define Mama June’s life. “Happy” and “hopeful” are the best two words to describe her now. Thanks to PAL supporters, this beautiful dog wandering starving, pregnant and alone now knows what it means to be safe and loved. 

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Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.