The menu at Pelican’s Point restaurant doesn’t mention the grand views of Broad Creek from its three spacious dining rooms, bar and outside patio. Nor does it mention an amazing performance by The Mentalist upstairs in the Comedy Club.

But the menu at this newly remodeled and renamed Shelter Cove Harbour mainstay (formerly The Kingfisher) does showcase fresh ingredients and a tantalizing array of seafood, steaks and ribs, along with appetizers, poultry, pasta, desserts, and a full beverage list.

The restaurant relaunched March 1 as Pelican’s Point. “The name fits the location,” said co-owner and general manager Greg Vittetoe, because of where the property sits and because it is home to a pod of pelicans.

The decor was transformed into a contemporary blue nautical marine-land. “We decided to remodel and everything else kind of fell into place,” said Vittetoe, who also was part of the ownership-management team since 1992. “Everything was changed from floor to ceiling, literally.”

But one thing hasn’t changed: “We’re going to keep doing what we’ve always been doing,” he said. “Do the best food we can and keep the prices low.”

For instance, many loyal customers order the hugely popular baby back ribs entrée, served with French fries and cole slaw for $15 (half-rack) or $21 (full). Grill entrees, including steaks, range from $15 to $26.

Seafood lovers can choose from 13 tempting entrees, ranging from $15 to $30. Surely worth tasting are the pan-seared Pecan Encrusted Salmon ($22), the Broiled Seafood Medley ($21) and, always a Lowcountry favorite, Shrimp and Grits ($20). Most are served with rice and fresh vegetables.

Pelican’s Point also has carried over Early Bird dining from 5 to 6 p.m., Happy Hour daily from 5 to 7 p.m., nightly specials and live entertainment downstairs three nights a week.

To really top off your delicious dinner, take advantage of a 10 percent combo discount and make a reservation for the entertainment upstairs. The 80-seat Comedy Club features Bill Gladwell as The Mentalist at 8 p.m. Sunday through Tuesday for 90 minutes of awe. (Trust this writer: His show is amazing, funny and totally interactive with the audience.) He opens for nationally acclaimed comedians Wednesday through Saturday.

“I’m a thought reader,” said Gladwell, an Ohio native who has been on stage since he was a kid, including in the corporate world. “Nobody can tell you the future. Nobody can read somebody’s mind, but you can read their thoughts.”

Gladwell said one’s thoughts come out in body language. “I use psychology and showmanship and a couple of other things to get information out of you,” he said. “It’s theater and a good date night.”

It is also must-see entertainment.

Pelican’s Point is located at 18 Harbourside Lane in Shelter Cove Harbour.

For reservations, call 843-785-4442.

Dean Rowland is a veteran senior editor and freelance writer living in Bluffton.