There are times when it seems sensible to trust our dogs’ instincts. As animals, they have finely tuned sensibilities. When they bark or growl at certain people or situations, their judgment could be correct!

Dogs and parents might be your best friends. They give the best advice regarding a person’s character.

Earlier this year, Karen Wilkins of Maranatha Farm Animal Rescue Service in Ridgeland took a phone call from a young woman, and this was their conversation, as told by Wilkins:

Woman: “I called you about this time last year. I was looking to give my dog Bosco away because he did not like my fianc√©. You advised me to dump the guy not the dog, and although I didn’t tell you at the time, my mother had given me the same advice.”

Karen: “OK, I remember you.”

W: “You’re not gonna ask how it worked out?”

K: “Don’t have to. I already know. Same way it always works out.”

W: “No, I actually took your and Mom’s advice!”

K: “What?!”

W: “I dumped Roger instead of Bosco, and just this week I heard from friends in Texas that Roger was in jail out there for robbing a gas station, for crying out loud!”

K: “I’ll be damned.”

W: “No ma’am, you will not! You and my Mama knew what you were talking about! And I could tell it when I started talking to Roger about keeping Bosco and us not getting married so fast. He got real pushy and possessive. He even took my car keys away from me one night. That’s when I knew – Bosco was right. He had always barked at Roger and wouldn’t let him pet him.

“The next day I called my Mama and she came over and helped me get my stuff out of Roger’s place while he was at work. That night he came all mad and yelling to my folks’ house looking for me, and I had to hold Bosco back while my Daddy went outside and told Roger how it was going to be.

“He must have done it good too, because Roger never came back and later I heard he moved back to Texas which is where we all from.”

K: “Well that does sound like a happy ending, now doesn’t it?”

W: “My Mama and I were just talking about what we’re going to do on Sunday for Mother’s Day and Mama said I should call you up and tell you Thank You for giving her the best Mother’s Day ever!”

K: “You are the one who gave her that, dear, you and your Daddy and especially Bosco for giving everyone the heads up on that character. But I really enjoy hearing about such a happy ending and I hope you keep going the same way you are now and especially letting Bosco check out the fellows you date first thing.”

W: “Oh, for sure! Daddy says if Bosco don’t like them they don’t get past the front porch!”

This is just one good illustration to remind us to trust and pay attention to those who love us, even our four-legged family members.

Abby Bird is owner of Alpha Dog Obedience Training.