Did you know that picking the correct hair brush could make or break your good hair day? It’s true.

The variety of sizes, shapes and bristles can be confusing. That’s why I’m here – to help you to have the best hair day possible.

Of course the proper styling products and hair care products are essential as well, but today let’s focus on brushes.

The paddle brush is large, flat and square (like a paddle) and is the best choice for long, straight hair.

It’s wonderful for brushing dry hair to distribute your hair’s natural oils from roots to ends. It’s also ideal for tipping the head over and drying the long hair straight and smooth.

Again, the oils, our own conditioner, will be distributed and the wide flatness of the surface will keep the hair smooth and straight.

The vented brush is perfect for getting sopping wet hair dry. The plastic bristles are widely dispersed so air can flow through the strands of hair.

The best use is to begin brushing the hair from the bottom of the strands and working the way up. This elevates the hair and prevents it from being pulled and damaged.

This brush is also wonderful for drying shorter hair styles, to give the hair lift from the root. To make this choice even better, choose one with boar bristles instead of plastic. The bristles will spread the natural oils and give volume at the same time.

For frizzy, unmanageable hair, the boar bristles are a necessity. Round boar brushes, depending on the size, will smooth and add volume and, as the size of the barrel is decreased, will give hair bouncy, smooth smaller curls.

The more sections you take when drying with this brush, the better results will you get. Be sure the hair is completely dry. I can’t stress this enough.

All hair types, but especially thick wavy or fuzzy hair, hold in moisture that can’t be felt. This will make all of your drying efforts go south. When it feels dry, style it some more.

Round brushes that have a ceramic or metal barrel are great for bouncy blow outs. The ceramic and metal conduct the heat (less than a curling device) and help the curl to set, along with volume and smoothness.

There are skinny teasing brushes that, when teasing at the root, will give the hair a lift without making it ratted. The rat tail on the skinny brush can be used to section the hair to prepare to tease.

The brush itself can help smooth the top layer after the root is teased.

The wet brush is by far the best invention for any kind of hair that might have the propensity to tangle. It is a miracle tangle remover. Just be sure not to rush or pull through the knots. Use TLC, please.

Always remember to keep the brush clean to extend the life of the bristles and health of your hair. Avoid brushes that have balls on the tip of the bristles. These are huge culprits in getting caught in the hair.

There are many other brushes out there but these basic types should help keep your hair and you from going insane.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com