How many of your employees fired you last year? When they left or quit, they really were firing their employer. More than 800,000 employees fire their employers every month. What causes this turnover?

It starts with the potential employee’s need to find out what he or she wants to do and to feel that they are doing it. Money invested in training is seldom lost to industries as a whole but to the companies that did the training. This worker exchange is a result of competition.

Any job applicant should be questioned to determine what he or she really wants to do to make a living and see how working for you fits that work goal. If you are hiring an ambitious employee to work for your company, remember ambitious employees will require somewhere to go within the company.

Recognition, added responsibility or job rotation will help retain efficient employees. The job is not an apprenticeship, and the training period is not just a test period. It is the time for teaching.

When you hire an employee, you and the employee enter into a business contract. You will provide a place for business and pay for time, effort and production. The employee may not jump for better pay or bigger title, but many want a piece of the action.

When money is the major factor in a job change, perhaps you have missed signs that the employee is having a financial crisis. The employer needs to be aware of the financial needs of the employee.

Change in the job can foster a fear of change and cause employees to leave. They worked hard to establish the old way of doing things. The newer tools threaten, and they leave before they can be properly sold on that new system you are so enthusiastic about implementing.

Be aware of your employees’ attitude, and remember employers can use all the experience they can get today. Age can be a false reason for turnover. The wise employer takes the time to evaluate each employee and his or her attitude barometer. Good employee relations can help you keep your job this year.

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R. J. Le Tourneau is a counselor with Lowcountry SCORE.