Probably many of you have heard that the IRS Get Transcript online delivery service available to taxpayers was hacked a couple of months ago.

Some of you might have received letters from IRS explaining that your information might be compromised.

More than 300,000 files were exposed. As to be expected, this service is no longer operational. However, you can still order a transcript by mail, and it takes around two weeks to get the transcript. IRS form 4506 is used to request a copy of a specific tax return.

It requires your name, Social Security number, date of birth, and last address used on a tax return. With the required information, you also can order transcripts showing financial accounting or recorded income-expense information.

If time is an issue, your CPA, EA and-or tax attorney who has registered with the IRS e-services can obtain the information you need, with a power of attorney. Further information is available on the IRS webpage at

Also available on the site is a link to “Where’s my amended return?” IRS recommends that you wait three weeks after mailing an amended return before beginning to track the return. Information you will need includes your date of birth, social security number and zip code. It might take three weeks to log the return into the system.

Some types of amended returns will not be trackable. These include: carryback, form 843 claims, injured spouse claims, a form 1040 marked as amended or corrected (used instead of a form 1040X amended return), amended return with a foreign address or a business return.

If your return is being audited or is in examination and you file an amended return, you will need to contact the auditor or examiner for further information.

Visit the IRS web pages for additional information.

Virginia Moryadas is a tax preparation professional in Bluffton