Our 28th wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago. To celebrate, we went to our favorite new produce stand to get tomatoes.

Although we both are grateful for so many years of wedded adventure, the past few anniversary celebrations – other than the big silver 25th – have been … well, nice. Not too exciting, but nice anyway.

This year, I didn’t expect any bells and whistles, nor flowers, nor a swanky candlelit dinner and fancy wine like the early days.

I was fine with that.

We have had some doozies over the years, starting with the first one. I was five months pregnant. There was no champagne, and we didn’t go any farther than Harbour Town for dinner.

Two years later, my husband planned a sneaky getaway to Daufuskie. He enlisted the help of our pal Collins, who “accidentally” met us on the dock at Palmetto Bay Marina.

Collins took us to his friend Jan’s house on Daufuskie, where she had created a beautiful vegetarian dinner for us, served on the porch of her tiny cottage.

She explained that she wasn’t familiar with vegetarian cuisine, and didn’t keep a lot of veggies on hand. But she had sourced enough different ingredients from her neighbors to make a lovely meal.

Another time, we parked the kids (we had two by this time) with a friend and went to Beaufort and spent a grand weekend at a bed-and-breakfast.

And now it was the 28th. (Yawn.)

We had no plans. But it was a Saturday, so we were free to do whatever. We decided to run a few errands, including going to Okatie Produce on Hwy. 170 to get some tomatoes.

That’s where the adventure began. As we pulled out of the driveway after purchasing beautiful tomatoes, squash and eggplant, Amos said, “When we come here to get produce, I always feel like we should be going into Beaufort for something, like that pizza we like.”

I said, “It’s a special day – let’s go get pizza!” So, we headed to Hearth in downtown Beaufort, in a building on Bay Street that used to be a gallery where Amos had shown his art.

We like to sit in the front, at the window, and people-watch.

About 30 minutes later, we happened to see our friend Rodney drive by! I texted him to come join us. He called to say he was meeting “the gang” at Bull’s (just around the corner), and then they all were going to see our friend Mark in “Mamma Mia,” the Beaufort Theatre Company production at USCB Center for the Arts.

We finished (half of) our pizza and went to Bull’s to join the group. After determining that seats were still available, we decided at the last minute to go to the show.

Amazingly, when we got to our seats, our friend Jayme was on one side of us, and Ann-Marie was on the other. The rest of our group from Bull’s was down the row and behind us.

Mind you, this is not a tiny space. It’s a 450-seat theatre.

The show was amazing. The cast delivered a tight performance, feeding off the energy of the audience, who fed off the energy of the cast.

At the end of the day, we couldn’t stop talking about what a fun and serendipitous anniversary celebration we had.

The lesson learned is that we need to remember to occasionally just do something out of the ordinary, no matter how simple, and be open to whatever the experience might yield.

Even if it’s your 28th anniversary.