It happens to all of us: We get older every day. With age comes changes of all kinds, including changes to our face. Here are nine areas of interest, along with tips for dealing with them.

Skin: Age spots, wrinkles, large pores, and loss of elasticity. Excess sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, and not taking care of the skin causes more rapid appearance of aging.

Rx: Start with effective skin care. You might also need a laser or a peel. Beautiful skin alone can make one look much younger.

Hair: Thinning or receding hair line in both men and women.

Rx: Hair transplant with micro-grafts, preferably FUE (follicular unit extraction) with Neograft, or strip excision technology called FUT. Results are usually permanent.

Loss of facial volume: Youthful faces are full and convex. Aging causes loss of volume in skin, fat and bone, causing shadows, sagging and hollows.

Rx: Fillers, often used in combinations for the best overall results. Fat grafts can also be used.

Sagging brow: Brows sag with age.

Rx: A brow lift can be performed effectively under local anesthesia. Botox can also be used for temporary brow elevation.

Upper eyelids: Excess skin and/or fat occurs with age or heredity which causes a “tired” appearance.

Rx: Upper eyelid lift, usually with local anesthesia. Very rewarding procedure.

Lower eyelids: Bags and/or excess skin may develop. Dark circles are usually shadows from protruding fat pads.

Rx: Surgery is often used to remove bags and skin. Lasers, plasma pen or chemical peels can be used to diminish wrinkles.

Crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead furrows: These are typical results from sun damage and animation.

Rx: Botox or Dysport, plasma pen, or certain CO2 lasers, such as the Tetra or Cool Peel.

Lips: Aging lips become thin, and the distance between the nose and upper lip elongates. The corners of the mouth might turn down, causing a “sad” appearance.

Rx: Lips fillers can add volume and/or reduce wrinkles. A minor lip lift procedure can also be done with inconspicuous scarring under the nose – an excellent procedure when indicated, called a “buckhorn” excision.

Neck and jowls: Excess skin and/or fat develop.

Rx: Sagging neck, a mini- or full facelift is frequently best. When the problem is only fat, liposuction works very well. Often men want the excess neck skin removed with a direct vertical excision. Recovery time is minimal and scarring inconspicuous, and it effectively removes the extra skin.

For jowls mainly because of a sagging face, a facelift might be indicated. Loss of facial volume also causes sagging of the face and jowls. Re-volumizing the face with fillers or fat grafts might be indicated.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS is a board certified plastic surgeon with offices in Savannah and Bluffton.