An individual property website that is dedicated to a specific home that is for sale is a great way to market and showcase that home 24/7. It adds value to the property and might even help sell that property faster and for a higher price.

As a seller, wouldn’t you love having your own home website at, a site that provides valuable information and attractive photos that are easily accessible to prospective buyers?

Additionally, if someone asks you about your home, what could be easier than answering a few questions, and then directing them to your home’s own special website to view and experience ALL that your home has to offer.

Here are some benefits of exclusive property websites:

  • Exclusively market your home 24/7 online. This is a very effective way to get your house on the Internet and target prospective buyers to your home only.
  • Showcase your home completely. Single property websites come complete with unlimited photos and plenty of space to describe the property and identify all the special features.
  • Provide supplemental information. It is very easy to include interactive maps, local school information, recreational facilities, community amenities, and much more to enhance the added value of your home’s location.
  • Custom link to social media. With just a few clicks, link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other sites. You can even include a real estate related YouTube presentation to further extend your reach to prospective buyers.
  • Syndicate to leading online property directories. Use free listing syndication, which means that once your property information and photos are entered, your listing is automatically submitted to leading online real estate directories like Yahoo Real Estate, Google Base, Trulia, Zillow, Front Door and others.

Would you like to see some sample exclusive property websites in action? To do so, just visit www.ListingDomains .com or and get ready to be wowed.

Now, is this something that you have to do on your own? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, there are a number of local Realtors who currently provide this service (or will make this service available to you) when you list your home with them.

Larry Stoller is a real estate consultant and advertising executive who loves living in Bluffton and helping real estate agents and sellers get homes sold.