The past few weeks have been hard, but in a very interesting way.

We had daughter Reedy’s graduation from Hilton Head Christian Academy and the accompanying prom. All good, except that some weeks earlier, Reedy was playing in the conference basketball finals in Sumter.

In her effort, Reedy managed to tear her ACL.

A prom is a dance, and dancing with a torn ACL is inconvenient at best. Those who saw the hundreds of photos on Facebook of the prom, also saw Reedy dancing, albeit in a metal brace, to the obvious delight of all participants, including John Acker, Reedy’s date for the event.

We also attended son William’s playoff soccer match, and the subsequent championship game two days later. The HHCA boys are the back-to-back conference soccer champions, having won the previous year, as well.

Our lads won essentially on fitness and preparation. Two hard matches, days apart – these fellows were warriors. Impressive.

It was also the last few days of the current legislative session, with much at stake. I was present at our talented children’s events, but perhaps not as attentive as I might have been. The convergence of events also didn’t leave much time for sleep or rest.

Rose and I pillow talk this dilemma. We both have professional responsibilities, as well as our much-valued family time. Balance is an ongoing challenge, especially as our children’s maturation schedules are not remotely correlated.

We hit it a good lick, but every once in a while, we (usually I) fall short of the mark. Nonetheless, we resolve that next time, we will fail better. I am comforted by the fact that our young folks are blessed with a cadre of mentors, teachers, employers and folks of strong spiritual investment.

Boy’s soccer coach Pete Savarese is a great teacher-motivator. He also recently cleared up the mystery of a shirt William had been wearing constantly. The back of the shirt was emblazoned with “NRTB.” Turns out, it is a Navy SEAL acronym for “Never Ring The Bell.”

There is a great speech from Adm. William McRaven, a 30-year SEAL, on YouTube that explains the concept. It also explains how HHCA players were fit enough to play so well on short rest. Watch it.

Formal school time is over for the summer, but Rose and I emphasize year-round learning. For example, William has been working for some time for Gerrick Taylor, owner of Taylor Landscaping. Gerrick is also a football coach at HHCA.

You might recognize the name, as Gerrick and a number of Bluffton’s good citizens were the folks who loaded their trucks before the rains even stopped after Hurricane Jaoquin, in the fall of 2015, in order to deliver water and diapers and other essential supplies to areas cut off by the storm. Talk about leading by example.

If you see a fit, muscular young man spreading mulch from a Taylor

Landscaping truck, be assured William is learning much more than proper mulching technique. We never know when learning a skill will open a new door.

Reedy probably never thought that being a productive basketball player would lead to her learning a new dancing skill.

Weston Newton is the representative for District 120 in the State House of Representatives.