Here we go! We are ringing in a New Year with hope and perspectives and goals and those resolutions we like to make to do better, to improve ourselves, to save, exercise and eat less.

I’m also thinking about the New Year on all fronts. What will impact us as Americans in the coming year?

How can I make a difference and improve my own personal life in this country of freedoms and as your 7th District County Councilman?

Certainly, despite all the negative national news reporting, 2017 wasn’t a bad year in the United States of America. The stock market has increased and remained consistent, unemployment is down, and the GDP is up. Those are strong factors for our country.

What is in store for 2018? Well, this is an election year. (Didn’t we just go through all of this?)

You will see significant campaigns locally, statewide and across the nation.

By mid-spring, the rhetoric will increase across radio, television, Twitter and social media when the campaigns jump into full swing.

Let’s hope it increases momentum for the significant issues we face.

Locally, we have some great things on the horizon for 2018 in Beaufort County Government, and I am ready to take on the issues and the communications and the votes to help our community.

As your elected Councilman for the 7th District, I am extremely proud of the fact that in 2017 we had five town hall meetings specifically for my constituents.

I promised the meetings during my campaign.

It gave the public from all across the county an opportunity to meet me, share comments and ask questions on all topics.

I want to give you even more opportunities in 2018. This year, I personally plan to have six or more of these town hall meetings throughout the year, beginning in February.

Additionally, if you belong to an HOA or POA, civic club, or any organization, and would like to have me come speak on what is happening in government, please let me know.

Along with other Beaufort County Council members, I am willing to accommodate almost any meeting schedule you request.

Speaking of contact, I have new contact information. You can now reach me directly on my Beaufort County cell phone at 843-986-4772 or by email at

Also, just text my last name, Covert, to 42828, then follow the prompts, and you will be signed up for my newsletter. Go to Facebook and Twitter and search “@covertoncouncil” for more information on what’s going on in our community.

I appreciate all your support in 2017.

The New Year is full of opportunity and promise, and I look forward to serving you throughout 2018. Good luck keeping your resolutions in the New Year!

Michael E. Covert represents District 7 on Beaufort County Council.