Happy mid-summer, everyone! At this point, we have certainly seen all of the elements so far and the worst is yet to come. I know that’s a bit negative, but the heat definitely takes its toll on our hair.

I wrote an article before this one, but the sweet editor of this newspaper said I was being too repetitive. I guess it was because I was harping again on the importance of taking extra care of your hair with the intense sun and heat. Please do so. Enough said?

So, because that article got nixed, I decided I would share some little-known facts about hair. At least you will have some trivia answers or useless information to talk about at cookouts this season.

Did you know?

• Black is the most predominant hair color, followed by brown, then blonde, then red, which is the rarest.

• Hair can stretch up to 30% of its original length when wet. This is why you shouldn’t brush or pull your hair when it’s wet. The elasticity will cause it to damage and snap when it’s stressed.

• Hair grows faster in the spring and summer months (just like the plants). Vitamin D (sunshine) and C (more fruit?) are the culprits.

• Hair follicles are alive but the actual strand is dead. Therefore, it cannot absorb toxins and chemicals.

• The average person has about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on his or her head. We lose about 100 of those each day. Please remember this when you think you’re losing too much hair if you don’t shampoo every day (and you shouldn’t be). More hair will be in the drain when you do shampoo.

Also, if your hair is long, one strand is going to look like a lot. Don’t stress – that causes hair loss.

• Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue in the body. First is bone marrow.

• If the hair follicles are healthy, a new hair begins to grow immediately after one is removed or falls out.

Now you have nonsense to chat about at a dinner party when there’s a lull in the conversation.

If you would like to hear more hair-care tips and solutions, or ask questions about style, coloring – anything hair-related – please email me your ideas at joy@styleitsalon.com.

I do have a difficult time coming up with new subjects every month so this will help me quit repeating myself. I can be your Dear Abby for hair. I welcome your thoughts and questions.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com