Sunday, June 20, is a day to honor fathers and the challenging yet rewarding role of parenthood. This Father’s Day, due to the pandemic, you might be spending more or less time with your family, depending on your living situation.

Regardless, technology allows us to connect with the father figures in our lives via Facetime, Zoom, and of course, the old-fashioned way – the telephone. Whether you are spending time with Dad or honoring him from afar, celebrate Father’s Day with one of these movies that tell a tale of fatherhood.

Field of Dreams: Based on the novel “Shoeless Joe” by W.P Kinsella, this movie tells a story about imagination and passion. Kevin Costner stars as an Iowan corn farmer, husband and father who hears a voice that motivates him to build a baseball field in the middle of their farm.

Costner’s character suffers from a broken relationship with his late father, leaving him scared to live a life without achievement.

Father of the Bride: A dad’s nightmare comes true when his “little girl” grows up and gets engaged to a man he barely knows. Steve Martin plays the role of the outraged and concerned father to his 22-year-old daughter, who announces she is getting married.

This movie is the perfect comedy to laugh about the drama of wedding planning and the anxiety of “giving away” a daughter.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Will Smith plays a homeless salesman fighting to make ends meet for his son. Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, co-stars as his on-screen son, making his film debut.

This heavy yet heartfelt movie tells the story of a father never giving up while facing adversity as he builds a future for himself and his son.

Eighth Grade: Comedian Bo Burnham’s comedy is a wonderfully cringe-worthy coming-of-age story. This film is full of classic awkward moments that Kayla, like many other ’tween girls, encounters growing up. Kayla’s complex relationship with her single dad is touching and relatable to many.

The Game Plan: This family-friendly comedy tells the story of an NFL quarterback whose bachelor lifestyle is interrupted when he finds out he has an 8-year-old daughter.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as the new father navigating unfounded territory. This heartwarming movie is perfect for watching with children and grandchildren.

You can find these and other movies on TV channels such as AMC, Hallmark, and HBO or stream them without buffering online.

Lynn Hall is the general manager of Hargray.