A promotional illustration shows the value of having a PrismUV unit in a dorm room. SUBMITTED

A project currently being worked on at Bluffton’s Don Ryan Center for Innovation has global implications in the realm of creating healthier indoor environments.

The project is assisting Hilton Head Island resident Warren Lynn in launching his innovative, newly patented lighting and disinfection product, Prism UV.

Lynn is president of American Water & Air Inc., a Hilton Head-based firm that has been operating since 1999 in the niche of researching and developing air, surface and water disinfection systems. These innovative systems can provide solutions for reducing human exposure to the spread of harmful pollutants and micro-organisms.

Trent Williamson, CEO for the Don Ryan Center, said the business incubator is surrounding Lynn with a team of mentors that can help take his unique product to market.

“PrismUV replicates sunlight indoors, which improves artificial lighting,” said Lynn, “and by doing so it is capable of combating indoor germs, pathogens, allergens and odors, as well as positively impacting the mood of occupants of the indoor space.”

Lynn describes the market for PrismUV as “enormous.”

“It will be especially effective in hotel and dormitory rooms, as well as a range of indoor spaces,” he said. These include the innumerable other spaces that are prone to attracting germs, such as children’s day care and senior living facilities, cruise ship cabins, school classrooms, and lavatories to name a few.

An additional attribute of PrismUV, according to Lynn, is its potential to alleviate the adverse effects of mal-illumination. In medical circles, mal-illumination is a well-known condition that affects people who spend too much time under artificial, indoor light with not enough exposure to full-spectrum daylight; this can result in fatigue, depression and related issues.

Charles Wohl, vice president for innovation at the Don Ryan Center, said his organization will be helping introduce Lynn and PrismUV to the proper sources for things like industrial design and manufacturing, “even down to packaging his product – since it will most likely have a retail application.”

Wohl said product innovation like this can take anywhere from six months to two years or more, depending on the steps and certifications that need to be taken before a final launch.

“We’re encouraged by the potential of this product and look forward to seeing it develop,” said Williamson. “Working with innovative companies like American Air & Water Inc. is at the core of our mission. We thrive on helping entrepreneurs take solid solutions like this one to market.”

Lynn credits The Don Ryan Center for helping him focus his product’s direction while opening doors to additional outside partners and investors.

Edward Thomas is a freelance writer serving the Lowcountry.