I know my last article probably made some of you a bit nervous. I promise that most of you are worried for no reason.

It is a fact that we lose up to 100 hairs a day. If we don’t shampoo every day (which no one should be doing), multiply that by the number of days without any real aggravation to the scalp, and then figure that each hair is wadded into a ball. It’s like a math problem, but basically it looks like a lot more hair than it actually is.

Again, the growth cycle of each hair needs to be factored in as well. For those of you who are beginning to show signs of thinning, there are many steps you can take to retard any more substantial loss. Dependent on the reason, you might even stimulate some regrowth.

My first suggestion is to have your thyroid checked. If you’re already on medication, be certain that hair loss isn’t a side effect of it.

Then begin taking vitamin B complex. This combats stress and also helps hair growth. Hair, skin and nails vitamins are next (skip the biotin).

If you want to begin a routine, Nioxin is a great way to cleanse the follicles of build up and feed them with the nutrients your hair needs to grow. Rogaine is a bit more aggressive to stimulate the follicle. These last two are to be done consistently and pretty much ongoing.

A trip to the plastic surgeon would be next option, for PRP (protein rich plasma-stem cells) injection into scalp. The next would be hair transplants.

Stay away from hair extensions because they will put additional stress on the hair which will inevitably cause more hair loss. The hair halo (for adding long hair bulk) and hair pieces (for short hair) are definitely solutions that are saved as the last resort.

Just remember, calm down and use good shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from being your own kitchen magician – even while at home for extended periods.

Professional consultation would help gain a plan and peace of mind. I’m here for you.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. styleitsalon.com