When people think of audio and video solutions, what frequently comes to mind is the mounting of TVs or the installation of a sound system in a family room or man cave. However, audio-visual providers are engaged in far more areas than one might think.

Such businesses provide services such as structured wiring, home automation, lighting control and shading – and these solutions are in no way limited to residential environments. In fact, commercial applications of these same technologies create effective and inviting surroundings, being practical and adaptable to various situations.

One technology available through audio-visual providers that is used primarily in commercial or institutional settings is digital signage.

Used in venues such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels and in public spaces like stadiums, museums and transportation systems, digital signage consists of the use of LED and LCD panels ranging in size from that of small TVs to full-blown roadside billboards. Projectors also are utilized in digital signage.

The devices mentioned here can be utilized in delivering various types of content, whether it be a menu with vibrant and eye-catching images, a short “live” commercial, maps and directions, or a full-blown color ad appearing on a standard size billboard alternating images every few seconds.

With ultra hi-def significantly improving the quality of video, especially on larger screens such as video walls, retailers are increasingly turning to digital signage as a low-cost way of presenting their brand as well as entertaining customers. According to a Lavi Industries field study, businesses are finding that an unexpected fringe benefit of this investment is that digital signage reduces perceived waiting times at checkout by as much as 35 percent, helping solve the problem of unpredictable wait times in long lines at stores.

With digital signage adding an upswing in overall sales volume by 31.8 percent, and 63 percent of people reporting that digital signage catches their attention, it’s difficult to dispute the effectiveness of this technology.

Contact your local audio-visual solutions provider and take the first steps in exploring the technologies that will enhance your space and help grow your business’s reputation and profitability.

Carlos Ramos is the sales and marketing manager with Custom Audio Video in Bluffton.