As with any technology that is made to improve the quality of life in the simplest way possible, dental implants fall into the category of “miraculous.”

With proper planning and choosing the most appropriate implant(s) for the treatment goals, the actual placement is much simpler and predictable than it has ever been. Restoration, whether fixed or removable teeth, is time proven and no more difficult than dealing with actual teeth.

No one should have to suffer with loose dentures, or partial dentures or teeth. Seeking treatment improves the state-of -mind, confidence, digestion and appearance of an individual.

A lot of times, elderly patients who have lost teeth at an early age have much less bone mass. This is because the bone in the jaw is designed to hold teeth. When the teeth are lost, the once surrounding bone shrinks.

This shrinkage increases under the force of a denture or partial denture. Some tissue recession is a natural occurrence. Quantity and quality of bone certainly has a lot to do with treatment options.

When there is minimal bone available, mini dental implants top the list for consideration. Their much-smaller diameter makes implants an option to retain dentures in these patients. Without them, adhesive would be the only solution. In these cases, it really is a miracle to be able to provide denture retention.

Because minimal surgery is required, it is good for those who may be medically compromised. They also do not require a lot of chair time. In most cases, existing dentures can be retrofitted to them.

Mini implants are less expensive than the larger root form implants. Another advantage is that there is no healing time required and they can be used right away for attachment.

If enough bone is available, some types of implants can be used to permanently attach teeth so they are no longer removable. Most patients really like the convenience and solid feeling of having teeth that won’t pop out on their own. The dentist can remove them, which is great for overall hygiene.

It is great to live in era of so many implant choices and the miracles they provide.

James G. Jenkins, D.M.D. is the owner of Bluffton Dental Care in Bluffton.