Ashley has been a client for quite some time. She’s what I fondly call a “kitchen magician.”

That’s the term I use for people who color their own hair at home. She certainly tests my color correction skills when I see her. Some people just don’t ever learn.

She always apologizes when she comes in, so she’s forgiven.

Unfortunately, most of the time, when people decide to be chemists, they end up having to spend a whole lot more time with me and a whole lot more money to correct the mess they’ve made of their hair.

I’ve said this many, many times: We go to school for a reason. Even so, it doesn’t mean we know everything. But, there is chemistry involved in hair coloring. That means chemicals. That means possible disaster.

The results of “in-your-kitchen” hair color are unpredictable. The FDA doesn’t regulate the box color the way it regulates the professional products. Therefore, you never know.

Ashley’s attempt to be all one pretty color was a big fail, so much so that it really had to be cut significantly before anything could be done.

Luckily for both of us she’s young and beautiful. She could be bald and still look awesome. (Of course that wouldn’t help me at all.) She knows she needs to learn to “just say no” when she gets the urge to do her own magic.

As I said, her hair needed a generous amount cut off. She has great cheekbones and eyes. That is where we all want the focus to be.

I haven’t talked recently about my upside down triangle rule. I believe that it doesn’t matter what the shape of someone’s face is or how old the person is. (Actually the older the person, the more my rule should be implemented). The haircut should be widest at the cheek, eye area and closer at the chin area, hence the shape of an upside down triangle. This shape of this cut will be the most flattering on everyone. The length of the hair is not as important as the shape.

If your hair is cut correctly it will be the cheapest facelift and weight loss program you will ever have! Ashley doesn’t need to lose weight or have a facelift, but she still looks awesome with this cut.

I had to darken and make her color richer, but I added some bigger pieces of blonde to make it fun and funky. She and I were both pleased with the results.

I hope she learned her lesson. My bet is probably not, but I love her and the challenge, so all is well.

Thank all of you so very much for being loyal readers and clients. It warms my heart to have all of you in my “family.” I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2016.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton.