There are any number of opportunities and resources to obtain a mortgage on a new home purchase. You can go to online resources, you can work with your local bank back at home, and you could also work with a local lender here in the Hilton Head-Bluffton area.

There are many benefits to using a local mortgage lender for buying a property here in the Lowcountry. The main up-side is that these professionals live and work within our community.

They know what they’re lending on. They can go touch and feel the property. They’ve worked with the local appraisers. They have had experience and interaction with all the other service providers, such as the real estate attorneys and insurance professionals.

There are a lot of connections that help make that process smoother than if you worked with an online lender, for example. Even a great lender that you know from back home who might be your favorite banker – and says that he or she can write the loan in South Carolina – can do so, but they don’t have the same connections. They might not have the know-how about this area. They may not have the experience in order to make the process smooth.

Obtaining a new loan can be fraught with an opportunity for some challenges. As much as we may wish, there’s no waving a magic wand to make it all happen. We all know that there’s a process of getting paperwork in, documentation, waiting periods, questions to be answered, and many times last-minute issues. The underwriting process, the loan origination process can all take some time.

You can smooth out the process by working with a local lender that has seen those challenges. Someone who knows and understands the ins and outs including gated communities, the property location, POA fees, regime fees, etc., is going to help the process tremendously.

If, and as, you need someone to talk to locally for that consideration, your real estate agent should have a list of their favorite lenders with whom they have good working experience.

When it comes to having a pleasant real estate experience, building an excellent team that is going to work on your behalf throughout the transaction is essential.

Chip Collins is the broker-owner of Collins Group Realty or