Congratulations and welcome to our newest Town Councilman Alex Brown Jr., and to incumbent Town Councilmen Glenn Stanford and David Ames. Last month, these councilmen were, respectively, elected and re-elected to Town Council and were officially sworn in at our council meeting Dec. 1.

Councilman Brown is no stranger to town government, having served on our Planning Commission for nearly 7 1/2 years. He is the new representative for Ward 1, which former Councilman Marc Grant represented for the last eight years.

Councilman Grant did a phenomenal job representing his ward and the entire community with his calm demeanor, keen interest and knowledge, and deep concerns. He always brought a common sense approach to, and extensive understanding of, the issues we faced as a governing body. I wish to extend my appreciation to Marc for his service and hope he will continue to work to make our community better. 

I welcome Alex to the Town Council. Rather than coming before us to speak on a host of issues, now he will sit alongside us to hear concerns from the public.

Alex has been deeply involved with the community for many years through his church, as a coach, and as a youth mentor. He served as vice chairman and chairman of the Planning Commission and helped steer discussion and decisions on many of our important issues such as Gullah Geechee preservation, zoning and housing.

He has also served on our U.S. 278 Gateway Corridor Committee and Vision Project Management Team. His involvement at these levels, I am sure, has adequately prepared him to serve on Town Council.

For any town council, it’s important to have consistent leadership and members who have a clear understanding of our vision for the future and sincere interest in addressing issues in our community. Both Councilmen Stanford and Ames will bring those qualities as they continue to serve in their role. 

When I ran for Mayor and my council seat became vacant, Glenn was elected to fill my unexpired term for Ward 6. With his election win, David now begins his second term on Town Council representing Ward 3.

Prior to serving on council, both Glenn and David served on several town committees. They brought a wealth of knowledge as councilmen. They both contribute time and energy through meetings with constituents and other citizens. They take time to research and understand the myriad issues we discuss at our meetings.

I look forward to working with each of these councilmen in the months ahead.

John McCann is the mayor of the Town of Hilton Head Island.