Moss Creek Community Charitable Fund leaders, from left, Carol Grish, Patrick McNamara and Katy Doran, seek to enhance the lives of both donors and recipients through collective giving. COURTESY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF THE LOWCOUNTRY

Way, way, waaaayyyy back in 1969, a band you might have heard of – The Beatles – released a song called “All Together Now.” Reminiscent of a sing-along, the light-hearted song invites everyone to join in with a repeated chant of “all together now.”

For many communities in the Lowcountry, “all together now” has taken on a more purposeful meaning. Seven local communities – Long Cove Club, Belfair, Palmetto Dunes, Hampton Hall Club, Colleton River Club, Hampton Lake and Moss Creek – have established funds with Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. Through these funds, residents are able to join together and increase the power of their generosity by pooling their donations for greater impact.

These charitable funds not only strengthen the larger community through grantmaking, but can strengthen connections among neighbors.

Katy Doran, who was instrumental in establishing the Moss Creek Community Charitable Fund, said the fund has enhanced an already-strong sense of community – and community giving. She thinks the fund has strengthened the fabric of the community and has allowed everyone to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

The Moss Creek Community Charitable Fund has chosen to support local organizations focused on children and families. Patrick McNamara, who serves as president of the Moss Creek Fund, believes the fund has given the community additional focus and a way to look outward. He thinks residents feel more connected to the community through the funds because they get a chance to meet nonprofit leaders at the events the fund holds to raise money for their grantmaking.

During the events, the nonprofit leaders share information about the programs being implemented and the impact these programs are having.

The Moss Creek Community Charitable Fund has held several fundraising events since its inception in 2018. The first event, a wine event, exceeded their fundraising goal by more than 100 percent. Carol Grish, another Moss Creek fund board member, loves the excitement, energy and camaraderie the events generate.

Community funds have introduced an “all together now” charitable consciousness, and their impact cannot be understated. More than $1.5 million in grant dollars have been awarded to local nonprofits because local communities are pooling resources to practice philanthropy.

If you’d like to come together with your neighbors and find out how you can set up a fund, contact me.

Christopher Kerrigan is the CEO and president of Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. or