Spring has arrived and with it, abundant color is everywhere. Mother Nature, the artist, is at her very best.

I am fascinated with the azalea bushes bursting open in shades of pink to deep, radiant orchid. It’s miraculous what this seems to do to the human spirit.

We are out and about and enjoying the wonders of abundance everywhere. Such is the power of color.

As an interior decorator, I have lots of tools in my storehouse to help homeowners find their nirvana. By far none is so powerful and game changing as color.

Color projects a space’s personality and, if chosen correctly, the personalities of the folks who occupy the space.

As humans, we express ourselves in many different ways. Some of us dress in black and white; others love the trendy colors and experiment with new combinations.

Throughout history, the application of different pigments to the skin as adornment and tribal identification has been used by many cultures – and still is.

Painting walls as decoration, dying clothing with various roots and berries, tattoos and embellishments using color for just about everything have existed from the very beginning of time.

Children learn to name colors before they can identify shapes. Color is a science devoted to identifying one’s own passion for colors for the sake of enhancing appearance, mood and success. (On a personal note, I have had every color hair on the planet, including green when I make a mistake mixing my own chemicals).

I am devoted to using color as my key to success. I have learned that my own energy color is purple.

How fortunate to be able to transform a space dramatically, even on a very limited budget.

It is simply amazing how colors can transform a room. Certain aspects of color combining can make a small space feel bigger or a large area feel cozier.

As basic as color may seem, color and color combinations can be extremely complex. You might see a color somewhere and love it, but will you love it after it is painted on your walls?

I am always searching for new and improved ways to use colors and techniques to bring joy into the home. In coming articles, let’s discuss the implications of color and how best to bring just the right colors into your life and your space.

Diamond Riegel is an interior design consultant and owner of Designs by Diamond, Bluffton. diamondbydesign@aol.com