Business owners are constantly juggling tasks. Between caring for customers and employees, they also have the responsibility of managing their business and facilities.

As the warmest time of the year prepares to strike, it’s crucial for business owners to prioritize the health of their property’s air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Businesses typically run their HVAC systems harder than most homeowners. When relying on a comfort system to care for staff and visitors, owners need to know with absolute certainty they are doing everything they can to ensure smooth operation.

Preventative maintenance is crucially important for commercial HVAC systems. Even on the small scale of residential living, energy bills can be significantly higher when an AC unit isn’t working at its best.

This problem scales up drastically and becomes even more of a concern for businesses and larger commercial spaces. In addition to needing to keep a considerable number of people comfortable in a big space, commercial properties also have to deal with increased heat output from computers, appliances, and machinery, as well as additional outside air exchange for entry doors opening and closing for public facing businesses.

Inefficiencies in your commercial AC system are only intensified by the very nature and busy-ness of your business.

It’s simple: The better care taken for an HVAC system, the better it will operate. Similarly to upkeep on a vehicle, regular maintenance and minor repairs over time ensures optimal performance and less stress on equipment, meaning longer stretches of time before expensive, major repairs and replacements have to be made.

With commercial HVAC systems, if owners have a total system failure, downtime for their business can equal sizeable loss. In an office space, HVAC failure can negatively affect productivity, and businesses might have to close their doors for a day to focus on repairs, meaning a loss of revenue.

For the cost of ongoing HVAC maintenance and preventative care, businesses can save from major losses and downtime.

Dave Miller, owner of Superior Services, has been servicing HVAC systems for more than 20 years in the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island area.