Wonder is completely blind, but eager to learn new skills.

Close your eyes and picture, for a moment, the stark contrast between darkness and light. Imagine the darkness as it might be experienced by an abandoned animal. 

A 3-month-old puppy found himself dumped at a shelter. But this puppy is different. He is blind. Without the benefit of sight, he is left to navigate this scary place using only his senses of hearing, smell and touch. 

The nights are loud, long, and cold. The days are even worse. Then a hand reaches into the terrifying void and gently leads this puppy out. 

The warmth and calm of the Palmetto Animal League Adoption Center must have come as a huge relief for the pup who was named Wonder. A rural, underfunded shelter contacted the adoption center when they realized he was completely blind. 

Since his eyes show no outward signs of his disability, we can’t help but think how long this precious soul was left to fend for himself, literally, in the dark. 

“Wonder wants to be close to people and feel like he is not alone,” said Sally Dawkins, PAL foster coordinator. “He especially enjoys being swaddled like a baby and held close to your chest.” 

Wonder came to PAL in February, and while we provide him with all the care and comfort possible, an adoption center is no place for a blind puppy. He deserves a family and all the stability that comes with having a real home. 

“He is a very smart puppy, and if we can find him a foster or adopter with experience or a willingness to do the research on blind dogs, he will adapt in no time,” said Dawkins. 

Wonder’s other senses have been adapting quickly since coming to PAL. Our devoted dog care team is working hard to provide him with the positive interactions he needs to feel safe and learn how to adapt in different surroundings and situations. 

“He is incredibly eager to learn new skills,” said Dawkins. “He loves to be outside for playtime and his favorite game is tug of war.”

Wonder is the perfect mixture of sweetness and determination. He’s ready to take on the world, but first he needs to find a soulmate. Wonder will be a loyal, loving companion and in return, he just asks for someone to devote a little extra time to teaching him the ropes. 

To meet Wonder, lover of warm hugs and toys that tug, call PAL at 843-645-1725 to schedule a visit to our adoption center in Okatie. If you’re unable to adopt, but you’d still like to help more homeless pets like Wonder, visit PalmettoAnimalLeague.org.

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.