For most working couples, the morning at home ends with a kiss goodbye, and the rest of the day you’re apart – except for texts or phone calls – until the work day ends.

For doctors Trent and Aleisha Leisey, it’s a car ride together to their new chiropractic office. “I don’t have to ask about her day because we spend the day together working on a common interest,” Dr. Trent said.

Better Life Chiropractic opened June 12 near Kroger at Belfair Towne Village in Bluffton. “It’s a dream come true to open this together, not just as business partners but as a couple with a goal to, as our name says, live a better life,” said Dr. Aleisha.

She and Trent met in 2011 while they were both in chiropractic school. They were married last October. He’s from Georgia, she’s from Michigan, and they love their choice of calling Bluffton home.

Already, they are making an impact. “I don’t think there is any better feeling than to help turn someone’s health around,” Dr. Aleisha said. “It’s rewarding when they leave and there’s a smile on their face.”

What makes them stand out among others in their field is that these doctors don’t do traditional chiropractic adjustments. They are two of only 250 doctors in the world certified to use what’s called Torque Release Technique, or TRT.

This is a hand-held adjusting instrument that is gentle and specific. “It took many hours of training, but it’s worth it for the impact we can make, ” said Dr. Trent.

Both doctors have had first-hand experiences with chiropractic care helping improve their health, and that’s what prompted them to make it a career. Dr. Aleisha said, “I think there’s a misunderstanding that people have that the only time you see a chiropractor is if your back hurts or if you’ve been in a car accident. There’s really so much more than pain relief.”

In an effort to build new relationships, the doctors are visiting businesses and giving brief health talks. They explain the benefits of how chiropractic is not only preventative care, but also reduces sick days and work-related injuries.

“We will even bring food, whether it’s breakfast or lunch,” said Dr. Trent. “Education in the community is an important part of what we do.”

More information about the doctors and their practice can be found on line at or give them a call at 843- 815-3341.

Suzanne Hobbs is a freelance writer living in Bluffton.