Making a decision to buy or sell a business requires careful consideration of all factors involved. If you are the seller you must carefully prepare your business for sale and locate a qualified buyer. If you are a buyer you must carefully examine all aspects of the business.

Business owners choose to sell for a variety of reasons:

  • Illness or death of one of the principals
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business no longer growing
  • Owner retirement
  • Insufficient capital
  • Losing money
  • Boredom or diminished interest in the business

The selling of a business is different than selling any other asset one owns. A business is more than an income-earning asset. It is a lifestyle.

As a result, the decision to part with it can be emotional. Personal ambitions should be weighed against economic consequences to provide a properly balanced decision to sell or not to sell.

Timing is everything. This applies to the decision to sell a business. A wise business owner carefully plans out the decision to sell.

A wise owner will recognize that a business should be sold only after proper preparation and not because of sudden personal frustration or a short-term slowdown in business.

Nearly every privately held business is operated in a manner that minimizes the seller’s tax liability. The same accounting practices and operating techniques that minimize tax liability also minimize the value of a business.

This is a conflict between running a business the way an owner wants and preparing the business for sale.

Plans to sell a business should be made years in advance of the actual sale. This permits time to adjust changes in accounting practices that demonstrate a three- to five-year record of maximum profits.

Audited statements are the best type of financial statements; they are easily verified by the buyer. The business should be clean, inventory current and equipment in good working order. Ideally, the buyer is only buying the assets.

A valuation report should be prepared. This report eliminates guesswork and the trial and error method of pricing that so many owners rely on to reach a selling price.

Having a professionally prepared appraisal eliminates this problem.

If you are thinking of selling your business, Lowcountry SCORE Chapter 650 can help prepare your business for sale.

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R. J. Le Tourneau is a counselor with Lowcountry SCORE.