Officials with Beaufort County School District have emailed local chambers of commerce to alert their members about companies making misleading sales calls in the area.

The email warns that Beaufort County businesses and nonprofits should be on the alert for any sales solicitations they receive from companies that claim to be selling products on behalf of local high school sports teams and extracurricular programs.

Such companies use misleading sales tactics, and the assumption should always be that their activities are not sponsored by a district high school unless the school can confirm that relationship.

One particular Fort Worth-based organization sells products under as many as 20 company names. Here in Beaufort County, products are currently being sold by Prime Time Advertising, which misleads prospective customers into thinking it is soliciting on behalf of district high schools.

In previous years, similar products were sold in Beaufort County by Boost Sports or Touchdown Sports. Other possible Fort Worth-based company names include: Premier Map Company, Premier Impressions, Hometown Productions, Multi Marketing Corp., D&L Map Service, Gildenblatt Enterprises, Totes to Go, Academic Assets, Scoreboard Productions and Texas High School Publications, among several others.

If a sales rep claims to be associated with a school, it’s a simple matter to call that school’s athletic director for verification.