Scissors and wires and pens, oh my!

Of the myriad issues surrounding a downsizing move, one of them certainly (and most anxiously) is the “stuff.”

Where will it all go, how will it fit, and how on earth will you get it from point A to point B – whatever and whenever that is?

It’s assuring and empowering to look back into history and understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and also that the journey of a thousand miles simply begins with one step. You can do this … and today is a great day to start.

In recent workshops, Trish Uremovich, our favorite move manager, suggested an easy starting point: Grab a Hefty trash bag and head for the junk drawer.

I suspect we all have this catch-all drawer in our kitchen or pantry or office. You know the one – it seems to attract just about everything that otherwise doesn’t have a dedicated space in the home.

For that matter, this is its home, and it’s not alone. In fact, things seem to multiply in this space, yielding a multitude of redundant items that are ripe for downsizing.

How many pairs of scissors does one really need? Where did all these pens come from? And what exactly does this charger charge?

The junk drawer might be the ultimate first step in the downsizing process since it is finite, manageable, eye-opening, rewarding, and offers up an immediate sense of gratification upon opening the newly downsized drawer once you are finished.

Life seems simpler, more organized, and less stressful when you can open the drawer, easily see and select what you need, and you aren’t confronted with the tangled, interwoven mess of multiple and unnecessary items. Ah, how satisfying!

Here’s hoping you might find some fun and reward as you embark on this primer task. It might just spur you on to take a peek into the attic as well.

Chip Collins is the broker-owner of Collins Group Realty or