I am so excited to say that after many years of trying to keep our hair straight – painstaking in our climate – the perm is making a comeback.

Yes, that’s what I said, the perm. Everyone has memories, albeit sometimes not so great, about a past perm.

Let me begin by saying that the memories should be just that. The ’80s perms are not what I’m talking about.

Beachy waves that need almost no maintenance are more like it. The less you do with permed hair, the better it is.

Why fight the waves? Either natural waves or permanent waves or even a combination of both, today’s perms are much less harsh.

You can perm and color with time between services and the right stylist. TLC at home is of utmost importance. Proper shampoo and conditioner (i.e., not drugstore products) are extremely important, however they’re a trade off to little or no time spent on your hairstyle.

You are only in the salon for a couple of hours. The care you take at home keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny even though the hair has been chemically treated.

Those two words need to resonate: “chemically treated.”

A licensed stylist needs to perform these services in order to take care of pre-treating previously colored hair with protein and making sure the hair is healthy enough to get a perm.

Wrapping the hair correctly, rinsing and evaluating the size of the desired wave are just even more reasons that these services should be done in the salon.

Even guys with long locks and-or man buns can now have long, sexy, wavy hair.

Like I said, the right technician, type of perm and proper care need to happen in order for you to have healthy, colored, permed, wavy, and most importantly, carefree beautiful hair.

Joy Ross is owner of Style It Salon in Old Town Bluffton. www.styleitsalon.com