From their perch in their new barn home, Cloudy and Raindrop watch Stretch the horse as he enjoys dinner.

If you’ve ever spent time around a farm or equestrian center, then you likely have a profound appreciation for the loyal presence of a beloved barn cat. Not only do they help deter rodents, but their amusing antics and steadfast companionship bring a sense of harmony to the busy innerworkings of a barn.

As a no-kill rescue, Palmetto Animal League understands that some cats thrive in non-traditional domains such as warehouses, workshops, and barns where they happily enjoy food, water, shelter, and love from afar. We waive their adoption fee for people willing to care and provide for them in an indoor/outdoor space. 

“Some independent-minded felines choose our warehouse over our homelike cat rooms during their stay at PAL, but they all know what it means to be loved,” said PAL President Amy Campanini.

When Vannessa Weatherford and her 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, came to PAL looking for a new barn cat, we could sense right away that some lucky “mouser” was about to get an amazing home.

“We went to PAL, and they were set up so well for us to really find the right fit,” said Weatherford. “Their cat care team recommended a 7-month-old sibling pair that had been at PAL for a while.”

On a very stormy day, it was amazing to see Cloudy and Raindrop head off to their new barn home nestled under the oaks, where they have found freedom to roam and made friends among giants.     

“Once they learned the routine and what the horses were all about, they found their own place in the herd,” said Weatherford. “Cloudy likes to roll in the grass and demands belly rubs. Raindrop discovered the hay loft and is hilarious as she climbs down the ladder. We added cat shelves, but she prefers HER way.” 

Cloudy and Raindrop’s story is a beautiful example of how non-traditional sanctuaries are saving lives.

“I haven’t met a barn cat that didn’t have a great, healthy and happy life,” said Weatherford. “Barn cats are so appreciated for their work ethic and delightful shenanigans! I can’t imagine my barn without them.” 

In short, cats like Cloudy and Raindrop are family members who happen to prefer the lofty feel of a barn to the creature comforts of a conventional home.

You can help rescue more pets like Cloudy and Raindrop by donating in honor or memory of a beloved pet in September. Your dedication will be posted on PAL’s virtual tribute wall leading up to Remember Me Thursday on Sept. 22. Help us rejoice for pets like Cloudy and Raindrop and shine a light on all those still waiting for rescue. For details visit

Lindsay Perry is the marketing coordinator for Palmetto Animal League.