Jeffrey cuddles with his new people, Dana Jacobs and Caitlin Schillings.

“Where there is love, there is life.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

For me, Gandhi’s quote paints a beautiful picture of just how impactful animal rescue can be. This brings to mind the story of a couple who fostered for the first time during the onset of the pandemic. Their life-changing experience illustrates the power of the connection between animal and human. 

“Palmetto Animal League has a special place in our hearts,” said Dana Jacobs of San Francisco. “Whenever we’re in the Lowcountry, we go spend time in the cat rooms at PAL, giving each of the kitties love.”

One of these visits blossomed into something far more profound.

“In July 2020, my partner and I spent two months in Bluffton with my parents,” Dana said. “And we convinced them it was the perfect time to foster!” 

So, Dana and her partner, Caitlin Schillings, brought home two kittens. Jeffrey and Grady, recently rescued by PAL, were small and sickly and required special attention. While it was apparent the pair needed Dana and Caitlin, the couple quickly found they too needed the kittens. 

“They were such a bright light in quarantine,” Dana said. “Grady was so warm, cuddly and trusting, while Jeffrey was brave, playful and sweet.”

Eight weeks later, just before they boarded a plane back to San Francisco, Dana and Caitlin were incredibly sad to say goodbye to their foster kittens, but they kept close tabs on the two. 

“When we heard Grady had been adopted, we were so happy,” said Dana. “Meanwhile, we knew Jeffrey was still at PAL and promised that if he wasn’t adopted by Christmas, we would make him our own.”

And that’s exactly how the story unfolded. Hours after returning from the west coast last December, Dana and Caitlin came to PAL to bring Jeffrey home.

“Caitlin and I sat on the floor and all of a sudden, it just seemed to click for Jeffrey,” said Dana. “He remembered us, and he was overjoyed.”

Now lovingly known as Tigey, he isn’t the only feline who loves spending time with Dana’s parents in Bluffton.

“My mother is now fostering a litter of very young kittens for PAL who need bottle feeding,” said Dana. “She couldn’t stay away!”

You too can be part of the rescue process! Share the love with homeless pets by sending a Valentine to the animal lovers in your life. Visit and click on “Create a Valentine.” Make a heartfelt donation to send an eCard or print a card at home. Your gift will help save the life of a pet waiting for rescue, proving once more that, “Where there is love, there is life.”   

Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.