What says summer more than an Adirondack chair perched near a body of water, a graceful hammock strung between two shady trees or a beautiful outdoor swing, gently swaying in the breeze?

In my opinion, an aluminum chaise lounge with all their cool multi-colored straps beats ’em all. Isn’t summer supposed to be all about comfort, ease and convenience? Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?

Let’s take the Adirondack chair. Beautiful to behold and not too bad once you get yourself situated.

Its arms are big enough to hold a nice cold drink, but getting in and out of one can be a real bear. And just try to move one to get in the shade or the sun. Those puppies are heavy!

The swing seems to be a must-have for any well-dressed backyard. You go back and forth a few times and it’s over. Pretty, yes. Relaxing, no.

On to the hammock. If it’s a nice day – and it probably is if you choose to lie in one – you’ll be asleep in five minutes.

When you wake up, your backside will for sure resemble a tennis racquet. And, depending on your age and the elasticity of your skin, there’s no telling how long that’ll last.

So back to that old standby, the aluminum chaise. So many attributes – almost too many too mention, but I’ll try.

They’re cheap.


Easy to move.

Low to the ground so you can put your food and drink nearby.

Put a towel over it, stuff two ends between the straps and you’re set for the day.

Fold it up, take it to the beach, bring it home, and hose it off – good as new.


Easily replaced.

Automatic cooling system through those straps.

No freight costs. You can get ’em anywhere.

Sometimes the good old days and their not-so-comfy furniture are just that.

Sallie Collins enjoys living on the banks of the May River and writes about it in her blog, www.LifeOnTheMay.com, from which this article is taken.