I was delighted when I heard that Kathryn Thorne received a golf scholarship to Charleston Southern.

I have known Kathryn since her parents signed her up for our Ladies Professional Golf Association Girls Golf program in 2008. She was one of the first girls who joined the program, and she stayed with us every year until she became a mentor to the younger girls.

I recently interviewed her about her journey into the game.

JH: What are your first memories of the game?

KT: My dad took me out to the driving range when I was six years old. He taught me the basic swing, and I made good contact. He saw potential in me. When I was eight years old, my parents signed me up for the LPGA Girls Golf program. That was my first formal instruction, with you and Krista Dunton.

JH: What are your favorite memories of the LPGA Girls Golf program?

KT: I loved playing games and our holiday outings. Easter was my favorite with the races and egg tosses. One of my favorite memories was going to Kiawah Island for the regional LPGA event and playing with my friend Jamie Hubbard, who is also in college on a golf scholarship.

JH: Do you enjoy being a mentor to the younger girls in the LPGA Girls Golf program?

KT: I love helping the young girls become a team and watching them play holes. I am able to give them advice, and I think they can relate to me since I was exactly where they are at their age.

JH: What was it like to be on a high school team since golf is such an individual sport?

KT: I was on the team for six years and it taught me that if I mess up, there are others on the team that can pull us through. By my senior year, I was a leader and able to help the younger girls with their nerves.

JH: What was the process like for being recruited to play college golf?

KT: I started talking to colleges over a year ago, and this past summer I visited three schools and had seven schools interested in me. We talked to the coaches and visited the golf facilities. I chose Charleston Southern because it’s nearby, and I also liked their curriculum. I plan on majoring in criminal justice with a minor in psychology.

If your daughter is interested, there are plenty of golf scholarships available for colleges. Get an early start and work on her game. You can contact us at girls golfbluffton@gmail.com for information on the LPGA Girls Golf Program.

Dr. Jean Harris is an LPGA Master Professional and teaches at local courses. jean.golfdoctor.harris@gmail.com; www.golfdoctorjean.com