Recently I started thinking about all the reasons I still love playing golf after 50 years. Since there are 18 holes of golf, I decided to list 18 reasons anyone should play this great game.

#1. It is a game of a lifetime. What other sport can you actively play your entire life?

#2. Golf brings us close to nature. You get to play among birds, squirrels and even alligators.

#3. The sport is handicapped so players of differing abilities can enjoy playing together. Try doing that on a tennis court.

#4. Golf reveals character. You self-govern the rules and call penalties on yourself.

#5. Anyone can play golf. You don’t have to be a fast or strong athlete to play.

#6. The risk of injury is minimal since it is a non-contact sport with no running.

#7. Golf gets you out of the office, away from computers and cell phones.

#8. You can spend quality time with family. I like to play golf with my son and grandchildren.

#9. Golf is the ultimate challenge. You cannot have a perfect round of golf.

#10. You get to wear fun, colorful clothing. Women get to buy more shoes.

#11. Golf is a great way to connect with friends. There is a lot of laughing over the “interesting” shots that are hit.

#12. Walking the golf course is awesome exercise. Walking nine holes covers about two miles.

#13. You can conduct business with your clients on the golf course. It beats being in the office.

#14. Golf has few boundaries. There are no lines like in tennis, football or soccer. That makes for a variety of shots, which keeps the game interesting.

#15. You can see someone’s true character on a golf course. Does he cheat or have a bad temper? How does she deal with adversity?

#16. You get away from the stresses in your life. Your attention will be on your golf game.

#17. Golf is a wonderful activity to do on vacations. Every golf course is different, especially in other areas of the country.

#18. That one great shot you have each round always brings you back for more.

If you already a golfer, I hope that the fun I had writing this article will make you enjoy the game more. If you are not a golfer, there is no reason you shouldn’t join us and learn to play this game of a lifetime.