We care for the pets at Palmetto Animal League like they’re our own. Some have been with us for weeks and some for years. The cats who have been at PAL the longest hold a special place in our hearts – cats like Sharpie, who came to PAL with his siblings, only to watch all his brothers and sisters get adopted.

“Sharpie is 3 years old and he’s been with us since he was a kitten,” said PAL adoption specialist Sally Dawkins. “He is often overlooked simply because he’s quiet and shy.”

PAL’s No Kill Adoption Center is meant to be a temporary home that a pet passes through, not a dwelling place, but some animals have a difficult time standing out from the rest.

“Sharpie may be shy, but one sure way to bring him out of his shell is a wand toy,” said Dawkins. “He will play for an hour if you let him!”

It pulls at our heartstrings when we drive out of the parking lot in the evening and see cats like Sharpie looking out the window, as if they know another day has come and gone without someone to drive them home. 

“Whenever one of Sharpie’s friends gets adopted, he looks so sad that it was not his turn,” explains Dawkins. “He will sit by the door and just watch and wait for someone to pick him.”

Sharpie’s calm personality has made him a favorite among PAL staff. He enjoys eating, playing and sunbathing. We’d love to see him find a big sunny window in a home of his own.

“He is a loving cat and, even though he’s been with us all his life, he understands that a shelter is not a real home,” Dawkins said. “You can tell his heart is broken and that he wants to feel a sense of true belonging.”

Dawkins predicts that once Sharpie finds “his” person, he will be a cuddler.

“I can just see him dozing at someone’s feet while they read a book,” Dawkins said. “I want that so badly for him, and after 1,007 days at PAL, he deserves that.”

If you’d like to meet Sharpie and maybe be his person, call Palmetto Animal League at 843-645-1725 to schedule an appointment.

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Amy Campanini is president of Palmetto Animal League.