Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

An open letter to Dr. Berg:

I was dismayed when I saw your name in the Hilton Head Sun's July edition. As the parent of a Hilton Head Island High School student, I thought I had turned a corner concerning the events of the last six months and your pivotal role in them. I had reconciled to welcoming a new phase of leadership, including a principal for our students in the wake of Amanda O'Nan's resignation.

Perhaps as your legacy to our school district, you wanted to put forth one final commentary that would leave you standing on higher moral ground than the community you ostensibly came here to serve.

Your editorial cited the misguided statewide school funding system as "the heart of the problem" to why we are failing our students. I'd like to ask you: Where was your heart when you categorically censured someone who consistently raised the standards of education in our community despite the fiscal limitations you delineated?

Our principal made grievous mistakes of judgment, but no one is beyond the grace of compassion and forgiveness. And that, Dr. Berg, is truly the heart of the matter. You were not responsible for casting the first stone at Ms. O'Nan, but you certainly had your hand on the final stone that culminated in her resignation. And in the hearts of many, that will be your legacy here.

Mary Jo Bennett

Hilton Head Island